About us

About Us

Graduate Guru was established wtih a purpose to make education available to all the students across a spectrum of regions and streams anywhere, anytime at the tip of their fingers. We wish to create a coaching at your homes concept.

We envision graduate guru to be an online platform where students from different regions, universities, colleges and streams can find content to revise their concepts without having to go to any other institute other then the college.

We believe that education is not the monopoly of the few and it is the right of the many. We wish to create graduate guru as an online content and course delivery website through which college courses will be available to masses at affordable prices.


  • Learning and Coaching for college level subjects should be available to a student as easily and as cheaply as the click of a button or television remote.
  • Neither Coaching nor learning can be monopolised by the few and be a loss to many.
  • Students should not be restricted to their own college, stream university content.
  • Education should be the main driver and beneficiary of the Government’s initiatives for the development of the country and use IT and Digital India initiative for the penetration of quality education to remote areas of the country.
  • Best Professors should not be restricted to a single zone or area or stream
  • Learning for College courses should be done keeping both exams and long term career in mind.



  • To assemble the best quality developers and deliverers of content and customize it to the learning requirement of each student.
  • We wish to bring the platform of coaching and mentoring to the students of degree courses online just a click or tap away from them.
  • To create a platform where teachers with good knowledge and grasp of a subject can deliver content which will help the students from their exams as well as practical point of view.
  • To make good quality content from various universities and streams available to the students and promote a cross stream development of the students.
  • To make learning affordable for the students.
  • To the the best professors and content – nationally and internationally – and take them to the door step of the students


Graduate Guru as the name suggests is an online learning platform created to help the students with the relearning and revising of college and university level subjects.

We use a mix of technology and personal touch to create courses for subjects which the students can easily access from home, in a pen drive or cd.

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