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Semester 6

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Financial Accounts

  • Profit Prior to Incorporation
  • Foreign Currency Transactions
  • Buyback of Equity Shares
  • Valuation of Goodwill & Shares


  • Comparative Cost Theory
  • Heckscher – Ohlin Theory
  • Terms of Trade
  • Gains from Trade
  • Concept and Structure of Balance of Payment
  • Causes of Disequilibrium and Measures to correct disequilibrium in BOP
  • India’s Balance of Payments since 1991
  • World Trade Organisation
  • Foreign Exchange Market
  • Exchange Rate Systems
  • Purchasing Powe Parity Theory
  • RBI’s Intervention and Foreign Exchange Rate Management

Export Marketing

  • Export Documents & Incentives
  • Export Marketing
  • Promotional Organisation
  • Export Finance
  • Export Risk Insurance

Indirect Tax

  • Service Tax
  • MVAT

Cost Accounting

  • Coming soon


  • Next Year

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