How does it feel to be a Bachelor of commerce?

A B.Com graduate has endless opportunities to better his prospects and that depends on his interests as well as his applications.

Practical Guide To Balancing College & Entrepreneurship

As a student, balancing college & entrepreneurship, you will confront unique challenges.

Five Ways To Choose Your College Course

Choosing the route you’d like to go down in the final stages of your education.

Almost anyone can learn anything with the right technique

With better learning techniques we can make the process more engaging which is the key to acquiring knowledge quickly.


Profitability index, the Decision rule, and capital rationing of financial management.

Reasons to choose online classes over traditional classes

Some are hesitant to try out an online course because many have become so accustomed to the traditional face-to-face classroom interaction. However, there are definite advantages to taking an online course over those held in person.

Debunking the myths about online classes

In an effort to separate fact from fiction, we’re debunking several myths about online classes.

2 hours a day too less? Studying for college 101

As you progress from sem 1 to sem 3, your subjects get upgraded, demanding you to study well. Wondering how to do it? Graduate Guru’s got you covered.

Things every class 12 commerce student can relate to

Commerce is one of the most promising and exciting streams for students after 10th standard. Hence, it is no surprise that there are thousands of students graduating from the commerce stream each year.

Top courses after 12th Commerce

Trade and commerce have played a crucial role in shaping the world as we know today. In fact, business deals and trade of commodities between regions date back to early middle ages.

Why Should You Choose Online Coaching?

Are you toying with the idea of signing up for an online course or going to the classes? Well, here’s what Graduate Guru has in store for you.

Win The Battle Against Wasted Time

Having to complete those last-minute assignments, scribbling down the missed-out notes, asking your friend to help you understand that one concept that you’ve been struggling since day one.

Did You Know These Simple Practices Can Help You Study Better?

Do you often get stuck when it comes to studying effectively or studying at all for that matter? If so, you’re not alone.