Are you toying with the idea of signing up for an online course or going to the classes? Well, here’s what Graduate Guru has in store for you.

Since our future is getting digital, why shouldn’t we? Online coaching is an excellent replacement to avoid the everyday hassle of commuting and going to the classes which take most of the time. 

Apart from that, flexibility is the primary advantage. Online coaching gives you the liability to choose your schedule. You have the freedom to study at any time of your convenience. Not only that you can preview the videos whenever you need to revise, relearn, or take notes. 

Even the mere thought of asking a question or confessing that you were unable to grasp a concept in class can be quite embarrassing and intimidating for many students. Well, online coaching comes to your rescue here! Here you are free to ask questions in the comfort of your own bed. If you’ve doubts or queries, there are chat facilities with faculty to help you.

Graduate Guru is online coaching for commerce, where students can join us from anywhere at any time. Be it an HRM subject, Cost Accounting, Direct Tax, GST, Economics or financial accounting – we’ve got you covered.

But, what are the perks of joining us?

  1. Semester and subject wise courses:

Graduate Guru covers all courses – semester and subjects wise. This gives you an option to choose if you want to opt for any specific subject or go for the entire semester wise course. Our aim is to help students with relearning and revising their courses with ease. 

2. Affordable: 
All courses on Graduate Guru are affordable and we also keep coming up with exciting offers every now and then. All of our courses are affordable and cover every chapter. 

For instance, you can learn financial accounting basics and cover all chapters now at RS499 only.

3. Qualified team of professors:
We have a team of experienced, qualified and passionate professors. Graduate Guru makes constant efforts to build a platform that promotes the best talent in teaching and delivering the best results for our students anytime, anywhere.

4. Repetition and easy access:
Do you struggle with some concepts and often need revising? Well, Graduate Guru to your rescue. Once you purchase any subject you would have access to it for 180 days. This helps you relearn any concept or chapter you find difficult or want to revise quickly before your exams.
Being able to learn from anywhere makes studying hassle-free and easy, doesn’t it?

5. Doubt solving and free quizzes:
No matter how many doubts you have, we are here to clear them. Our professors will always be there to guide you and help you to understand the concepts better. We strive to ensure our students don’t just pass, but they understand their subject thoroughly. Not only that, but we also have free quizzes for students so that they can test themselves and know how much they’ve understood.  

Know these few simple practices that can help you study better.

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