Mumbai University – SYBCOM – Sem 3 – Business Economics

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This course is specifically customised for Mumbai university students who are pursuing SYBCOM – Semester 3 looking for Business Economics lesson.

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Economics: This course includes the below lectures,

  • Introduction to macroEconomics
  • Circular flow of Income
  • National Income
  • Trade Cycle
  • Say’s law of market
  • Effective Demand
  • Theory of Employment, Interest & Money
  • Consumption Function
  • Investment Function
  • Multiplier theory
  • Liquidity Preference Theory
  • Phillips Curve
  • Money Supply
  • Demand for Money and Interest Rate
  • Friedman’s Theory
  • Money and prices
  • Inflation

This course is useful for any graduates who are pursuing Commerce, Arts and Science or any professional courses like MBA, CA, CS, CMA etc. and also, for those who want to understand economics.

Professor: Prof. Harsh Modi

Costing and Validity

  • Cost for this course is just Rs 299
  • After you purchase the course, It will be valid for 180 days.