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Learn Financial Accounting Online

Now you can learn Financial Accounting online anytime & anywhere for free. Financial Accounting is applicable to any commerce students who are pursuing graduation or professional courses like Chartered Accountancy, Cost & Management Accountancy, Company Secretary Course, etc.





215hr 43min

Subject Description

In 'Financial Accounting' subject, we cover the below topics:

  • Internal Reconstruction
  • Investment Accounting
  • Final Accounts of Companies
  • Buy Back of Shares
  • Partnership Final Accounts
  • Piecemeal Distribution of Cash
  • Amalgamation of Firms
  • Conversion or Sale of a Partnership Firm into a Limited Company
  • Amalgamation, Absorption and External Reconstruction
  • Accounting of Transactions of Foreign Currency
  • Liquidation of Companies
  • Underwriting of Shares and Debentures
  • Accounting for Limited Liability Partnership
  • Accounting Standard 1
  • Accounting Standard 2 - Inventory Valuation
  • Final Accounts of Manufacturing Concern
  • Accounting for Hire Purchase
  • Capital Revenue : Expenditure and Receipts
  • Departmental Accounting
  • Accounting from Incomplete Records
  • Consignment Accounts
  • Branch Accounts
  • Fire Insurance Claim
  • Redemption of Preference Shares
  • Redemption of Debentures
  • Issue of Shares and Debentures
  • Profits Prior to Incorporation

Professor Name: Sonali Doshi,Liily Chwda,Prashant Kotian

This subject is applicable to any Commerce students who are pursuing Graduation or any of the Professional courses like Chartered Accountancy, Cost and Management Accountancy, Company Secretary Course or any other Commerce related course.

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About Instructors

Instructor : Liily Chwda
Qualification : Chartered Accountant
  • Experience : 10 Years of Experience


Chartered Accountant by qualification and teacher by passion. Prof. Liily Chwda has been a Degree college teacher since the last 5 years teaching Accounts, Taxation, and Financial Management mostly to final year students of B.com, BMS as well as BBI. She has been teaching at an individual level taking home tuition for schools and college students covering a variety of subjects for the past 16 years. She tries to bring a real-life analogy to the class to make the concepts more understandable.

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